Book Releases by Dr. Courtney Pope


In an era where a multitude of erroneous biblical teachings are going forth, we are finding a compromise of the truth being taught and entertaining preaching styles from theological "spin doctors" replacing the essence of the scriptures. A less reverent atmosphere is thereby created where fallacies are being accepted instead of accuracies. Therefore, we must be careful to correctly read the scriptures so that in our ministering them to others, we say what God is saying, rather than misconstruing a scripture's truth.


 A missing link to many of our sonsí destiny and ministry is the failure to have beliefs and convictions opposite of popularity or even acceptance of worldly views and opinions.  As the earth constantly rotates and evolves around the sun, so is our society constantly changing and adopting ways and means, which defy and are blatantly ignorant to the will of God, hence causing mankind to live in open rebellion against God.  Too many of our sons are compromising their beliefs in a Savior in order to belong to a certain group within our society.  A son without sure definition will end up being a man set for self-destruction. 


When each of our sons embrace the knowledge of God and apply it into their intellect and lifestyle, certain promises of God are then released upon them to ensure their place in destiny and their worth to modern society.



In this 21st century, a great demand for anointed ministry is being placed upon the body of Christ, the Church.  The demand is two-fold as the world needs to hear the Gospel message, and as Christ Himself is requiring that we move in the flow of His yoke destroying anointing, hence ushering in the eminent return of Jesus.


Sensing an awareness of deeper inward spiritual revelation, a remnant is emerging on the scene of Christianity infected with a passion for manifestation of God ordained and God inspired works being completed by the cooperation of believers on earth powered by the conviction of our assignment.


In this prophetic but purposeful hour, we must meet the demand to go higher in God and to confront the demonic destructive forces that has usurped authority in what was originally created as manís domain.  If the hour is prophetic, then we must be supernatural; and if this time is purposeful, then we must be radical.
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